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Reading through The Elusive Shift, I ran into the quote below, and it got me thinking about hobby best practices.

In four large cities with communities of early D&D adopters Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, and Boston cross-pollination proceeded quite rapidly. Each of these major cities boasted lengthy pedigrees in both science-fiction fandom and wargames, and each supported several independent clusters of dedicated players. None, however, was very close to the midwestern roots of D&D, where the influence of the game's creators might hold greater sway. In keeping with hobby best practices, these coastal groups began publicly recording the state of their campaigns and hosting visitors unfamiliar with their ways. - The Elusive Shift, Jon Peterson   
We clearly get two already outlined in that quote, but what are some others? How does one practice their hobby better? Originally this was going to be a single post about the topic, but it grew to a place where I decided to split it into several smaller parts for ease of navigation. This page will serve an index for them

A Note: In these I will be discussing the hobby of tabletop RPGs, as that is the primary focus of this blog. But I will offer some suggestions from, say, miniatures wargaming too. Obviously there are so so many different hobbies out there, but this stuff can apply to a lot of them.

Part 5 - Practice your hobby

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